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CFA Society Hong Kong 30th Anniversary

CFA Society Hong Kong (the Society) is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its founding in 1992. In celebration of its achievements, the Society rolled out a series of marketing communications programs to increase our brand awareness. The Society shares the mission of CFA Institute in raising the professional and ethical standards of financial analysts and investment practitioners through advocacy and continuing education efforts. In addition to promoting the CFA designation in Hong Kong, the Society aims to provide a forum for members, CFA Institute, other investment practitioners and regulators for networking and the exchange of industry insights and best practices. The Society is led by the Board of Directors, monitored by its Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) and advised by the Advisory Board, providing a broad range of perspectives on issues relating to the Society and protecting the interests of members. The Society is mostly run by member volunteers with the support of a team of fu

Yau Ma Tei testing exercise done

The Government announced that the compulsory testing exercise for the Yau Ma Tei restricted area ended today with no confirmed COVID-19 cases found.   It made a restriction-testing declaration last night, requiring people at Cheung Hing Building, 44-48 Pitt Street, to stay in their premises and undergo compulsory testing. As at midnight, around 160 residents had undergone testing.   After the compulsory testing exercise finished at around 7am, enforcement action was taken to verify that all people in the restricted area had undergone testing according to the requirements of the declaration and compulsory testing notice.   Government staff had checked test records of 85 people subject to compulsory testing. Nobody was found to have not undergone compulsory testing.   In addition, Government staff visited about 140 households in the restricted area, of which about 50 did not answer the door. Follow-up measures will be taken.   According to the compulsory testing notice issued yesterday, people who stayed in the building for more than two hours from November 24 to December 16 must undergo testing by December 18 even if they were not in the restricted area when the declaration took effect.

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