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Kowloon Central 3D map launched

The Lands Department today launched the 3D Visualisation Map dataset of Kowloon Central and an online application platform Open3Dhk for the public to use free of charge.   To tie in with the development of a smart city, the department started the production of a citywide 3D Visualisation Map in 2021 for release in phases. The first 3D Visualisation Map covering Kowloon East was launched in December 2022.   The Kowloon Central 3D map released today comprises around 9,500 buildings and about 210 individual models of infrastructures, including flyovers, footbridges and subways. It can be downloaded through the Common Spatial Data Infrastructure portal.   Open3Dhk, an online platform transforming a variety of spatial data into user-friendly applications which can support diverse uses by the public, the academia and professionals was also launched today.   Through the interactive functions on the platform, users can view photorealistic 3D city models of Kowloon East and Kowloon Cent

Project suspended for safety’s sake

The Government today said the construction of foundation works for a public housing development project in a designated area of Kai Tak was suspended on June 5 as the emergency egress point reached a trigger level.   During the construction of the foundation works for the housing development project at Kai Tak Site 2B3 on that date, the reading in a settlement monitoring checkpoint installed at the MTR Sung Wong Toi emergency egress point of Tuen Ma Line reached 20mm, which was the pre-set trigger level for suspension of works.   In accordance with established procedures, the Housing Authority suspended the aforesaid foundation works within 30m from the emergency egress point as requested by the Independent Checking Unit (ICU) under the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Housing.   Together with the authority's building team, the Buildings Department and the MTR Corporation, the ICU inspected the emergency egress point and confirmed that it is structurally safe and the settlement has not affected the structural safety of other adjacent railway facilities.   Meanwhile, the Electrical & Mechanical Services Department reviewed the monitoring data submitted by the corporation and confirmed the condition of the railway fulfilled the operation safety requirements.   The ICU and the corporation will closely monitor the situation and maintain close communication with the relevant departments to ensure the structural safety of the railway facilities and safe operation of the railway.   Moreover, the authority's building team will be asked to formulate mitigation measures and suitable construction methods that would not cause adverse impacts on the railway facilities.   Upon receipt of the proposal and application for resumption of the suspended works from the authority, the ICU will vigorously scrutinise the application including consulting the corporation and relevant departments.

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